2000-2001 Season

19 Wins - 6 Losses
9 Wins - 3 Losses League

  There was a loud roar coming from Martz Hall, December 27. It was being made by a crowd of over 3,000 fans wearing both Crimson and white and green and gold, cheering against one another as the Tide boys went onto a victory during the "Battle of The Hills."

   For weeks the basketball team had been on fire, breezing their way down courts both at home and on the road, wiping out opponents and gaining substantial leads within monents of exiting the locker room. In the boy's opening match-up against Penn Manor, the Tide came from behind and took control of the third quarter which helped lead them to a 62-56 victory during the first round of the Wilson West Lawn Tournament.

   The team continued their dominance with a 10 game winning streak until they fell to Shamokin. During the suspenseful battle between the top two teams in the Schuylkill League, the Tide fell to their adversary with a score of 48-70. W"We just weren't playing that well together during the Shamokin game. Nothing was clicking like it usually for us on the court, so we started to fall apart and that the worse thing that can happen to a team," senior Luke McMurtrie said.

   It didn't take the boys long, however, to pick up the pieces and carry themselves back on the court with the same spirit and sense of victory that had been instilled in them at the inception of the season. McMurtrie, along with the other seven seniors led their team onto a second place finish in the league and advanced to the semifinals for districts where they faced Parkland.

   The team honored these last year players, along with the memory of their fallen teammates, Tim Kimber and Jo McGoey, during Senior Salute on the night of February seventh. "Retiring Tim and Joe's jerseys meant a lot to not only their parents and everyone on the team, but also any one who has ever known them. They were not only in-creditable athletes, but also great friends, whose memory will be preserved forever," junior Mike Toomey said.


Pottsville Crimson Tide   62

Penn Manor   56

Pottsville Crimson Tide   63

Wilson   60

Pottsville Crimson Tide   59

Hazleton   46

Pottsville Crimson Tide   60

Pleasant Valley   53

Pottsville Crimson Tide   100

Shikellamy   45

Pottsville Crimson Tide   91

Panther Valley   37

Pottsville Crimson Tide   68

Schuylkill Haven   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   78

Pine Grove   53

Pottsville Crimson Tide   82

Jim Thorpe   42

Pottsville Crimson Tide   81

Nativity   65

Pottsville Crimson Tide   46

Wilson   36

Pottsville Crimson Tide   65

Mount Carmel   50

Pottsville Crimson Tide   78

Pine Grove   53

Pottsville Crimson Tide   48

Shamokin   70

Pottsville Crimson Tide   48

Tamaqua   49

Pottsville Crimson Tide   62

Dieruff   56

Pottsville Crimson Tide   74

North Schuylkill   47

Pottsville Crimson Tide   68

Blue Mountain   58

Pottsville Crimson Tide   53

Shamokin   61

Pottsville Crimson Tide   62

Tamaqua   52

Pottsville Crimson Tide   70

North Schuylkill   47

Pottsville Crimson Tide   64

Blue Mountain   74

Pottsville Crimson Tide   45

Bethlehem Catholic   50

Pottsville Crimson Tide   69

Northampton   61

Pottsville Crimson Tide   56

Whitehall   49

Pottsville Crimson Tide   45

Parkland   58


2000-2001Coach Toomey  19 Wins  6 Losses           
Crimson TideTonyMikeJamellAnthonyKurtMikeJustinRickKyleMikeDylanAlexMikeLukeTotal Opp.W/L
Penn Manor2609 2 6520 00126256W
Wilson Bulldogs23012 5 602   0156360W
Hazleton13211010 6002  0155946W
Pleasant Valley46 10602300000 116053W
Shikellamy2714 412494535 21110045W
Panther Valley Panthers234 1515314 353 249137W
Jim Thorpe Olympians265 66313 33024118242W
Nativity Green Wave2926212011300000168165W
Mount Carmel33386766432200119140W
Schuylkill Haven21047606224  4126830W
Shamokin Indians1804262800000264870L
Pine Grove Cardinals1541651524022300107853W
Tamaqua Blue Raiders190624 12      54849L
Dieruff2504811 12 0    26256W
North Schuylkill Spartans242154458 0013087447W
Blue Mountain Eagles2931904 2 0    116858W
Wilson Bulldogs200406 2 0    144636W
Shamokin Indians120606 7 3    195361L
Tamaqua Blue Raiders21012213 12 000 026252W
Bethlehem Catholic1601800 6 3    24550L
Northampton2201854 6 0    146961W
North Schuylkill Spartans17410213 8 2352407047W
Blue Mountain Eagles1421641 10 002  156474L
Whitehall24 805 7 0    125649W
Parkland1101002 6  00  164558L
Did Not Play In Game Team Total Points 1645             
Season High Per Game Average 65.80 Opponents PPG 51.80 District XI Play-In  District XI First Round 

2000-2001 Season 19 Wins - 6 Losses