1926-1927 Season

6 Wins - 17 Losses






  The basketball team of 1925 left for us the title of "Eastern Pennsylvania Interscholastic League Champions" and one veteran, "Dicker" Reed. With this start, candidates were called about the first week in December. Fully sixty boys reported to the first practice, held at the Armory, and the basketball season was on. Coach Stevens made his selection of the varsity squad, while the others were told to go out for their respective class teams, from which they would be taken if they should show any promise.

   On Wednesday, December 15, we played our first game with Tamaqua. Although we won by the score of 27-17, there were a great deal of flaws in the team, which was composed mostly of non-experienced men. In our first league tilt we met Coatesville on the seventeenth and Norristown on the eighteenth. We lost both games by the respective scores of 33-17 and 44-24, but it must be remembered that both these schools have veteran teams.

   Before the Christmas holidays we journeyed into Berks County to play Reading. They had a fast-stepping combination and severely trounced us by the count of 57-13. We were beginning to show the results of non-experience. The first game of the new year was against Allentown at the Armory. This tussle was fast and furious, and our rooters were sure we would have the game, but the gods of victory smiled upon our opponents, and we went down in defeat fighting gamely. The final tally read 30-23.

   The team's next jaunt was up to Nesquehoning, where we met their squad on the eighth of January. Again we lost; this time by the score of 27-19. We do not wish to alibi or excuse ourselves, but it must truthfully be said that it was our off night, while Nesquehoning had struck a winning streak. They certainly deserved to win. According to our schedule we were next pitted against Coaldale High on our home floor. Much to our surprise and more to theirs, they nosed us out 24-18. The game was slow and baldly played.

   January 14 found the team on Bethlehem's home floor. Although we dropped to the count of 46-18, the score by no means gives any idea of the hard fight we put up. It was one of our best-played games thus far. This was our third league game which we had played, and had lost all three.

   We next played Danville at home and surprised the town-folks by winning. This game was fast and furious, marked especially by fine passing. When the final whistle blew the score stood 18-16. Easton was the next league attraction. At this time it was a fight between Easton and Pottsville for last place, and it was expected that our boys would win. But Fate is fickle, and Easton turned the tables, leading us by the score of 14-11.

   The night of January 28 was cold and windy, with everyone under ice and sleet. Nevertheless, our team managed to get to Allentown, where they played one of their best games of the season. It was a real thriller and brought the fans down from the gallery. The scorebook tabulated a 36-28 defeat.

   Then came the game with our former Coach Rogawicz's team, and the Wanamie lads went home elated over a 32-17 victory. This was Captain "Buck" O'Reilly's last game for Pottsville on account of the eight semester rule. Buck always played hard, and, if afterwards he was able, he was out to practice almost every night with the other men such as Robbins, Dengler, Holahan, McCormick and Shore. Pottsville High can be congratulated upon the spirit of these, both graduates and under-graduates.

   On the fifth of February we met Pottstown on our own floor, but little did we know of the trouncing awaiting us. The blue and white lads ran over the crimson and white like a cyclone, handing us a terrible lacing. The fray ended with the score at 54-27. The second time we played Nesquehoning, we got revenge for the defeat which they had handed to us earlier in the season. We set them back 34-17.

   The team next set their guns for Danville, but their boys were master of the situation and registered a 33-21 victory. The Bethlehem game was the big event of the season. It was hotly contested with the score see-sawing first one way then the other. At the end of the fourth quarter the score was a tie and necessitated an extra five minute period. The boys from the steel town proved to the luckier of the two and won 43-41. In this game "Dicker" Reed's ankle was badly spained, but he came back and played a whirlwind game.

   On February 25, the team cast anchor for Pottstown, At the end of the first half, we were leading by a few points, but in the last half Wentzel and Elliott, the Pottstown stars, played rings around us. The blowing of the final whistle again found us forced down in defeat, score 38-26. We then played Coatesville and dropped another league game by the score of 30-25. Our last league game brought us against Easton. When we arrived there we were surprised to see ythe small crowd. But just to show them that it could be done we won our first and only league game, score 33-30.

   On Friday, March 18 we went to Tamaqua, where everything seemed to go wrong. They defeated us to the tune of 41-11. Johnny Niece, a sophomore, showed nice form, considering the fact that it was his first game. On March 19, we played our last game at home with Phoenixville and won, 26-19. It sure was a funny feeling, but it felt good. Phoenixville had a wonderful one-armed guard in Magyar. He could dribble and shoot as good as anyone. Surely, he is to be commended on the fine manner in which he played. We almost forgot the Alumni game, played in February. Such stars as Rummel, Martz, Falls, Wilson, Rees, krause and Kimmel played on the Alumni team. We won the game by the score of 58-29.

Captain Frank "Joe" Fisher; Frank besides playing his first year of varsity ball also captained the team. He played a hard dashing game at guard and earned for himself the respect of opponents, fans and the student body. Frank was not a shooting player, but when he did shoot they usually registered. His brilliant passing and fine footwork went a long way towards making the team what it was. Frank will be lost to the 1927 squad.

Thomas "Buck" O'Reilly:  Buck was a fast forward, but due to a ruling of the P.I.A.A. was unable to play the last half of the season. He was an expert shooter and led the team in scoring for the first half. Buck may be complimented on the fine sportsmanship he showed by continuing to come out and help coach the rest of the squad. It was mainly through his efforts that the Alumni game was played.

Harry "Dicker" Reed; "Dicker" lanky center, was high scorer for the season. He was a good shooter, a fine dribbler and an all around hard player. "Dicker" out-jumped nearly every center he met and was picked by several as the all-scholastic pivot-man in the Eastern Pennsylvania Interscholastic League. This was Harry's second year of varsity ball, and as he is but a Junior he has one more year to play.

Arthur "Noose" Nuss; Art was another Senior who played his first year of varsity ball. Last year "Noose" was a mainstay on the championship Junior team, and with this experience proved to be a valuable asset to the varsity. Art used as a Utility man, playing forward, guard and center. Due to the fact that Art is a Senior he will be missing from the ranks when roll call of the 1927 season is called.

Charles "Chuck" Gould; The fans who watched "Chuck" play never knew what happened when he took the ball because he was so fast. "Chuck" may have tried for new records in dashing down the floor, but his speed and excellent dribbling gave many of our scores a boost. Gould reminds us of the swift Huey Cantwell, of the 1925 team. Both are men who could capably fill a position on any college team.

Captain-elect Robert "Ironman" Bell; Rob fought for his position as guard and held it by fighting. The first half of the season he was a sub, but by hard and faithful plugging he won for himself a position on the varsity. The "Ironman" is a Junior this year and will be back next year to fill his old position at guard.

Joseph "Fritz" Fitzpatrick; "Fitz" was a sub for the forward position, but was used in nearly every game. As a result Joe won his first letter for Varsity basketball and will be back next year to earn another. We expect a lot from Joe next season.

Decatur "Dick" Moore; "Dick" was another sub and was used in quite a few games. He noted for his long shots, which helped to put a larger total to the scoring column. "Dick" is a sophomore and has two more years to play.

Dan Brennan, Walter Jones and Francis Smedley, all Juniors, stuck out all season and deserve some credit for doing so. We wish you success in the future, fellows. John Niece, a sophomre, shows promise as a forward. Robert Boyle was elected assistant manager for the season of 1926, but as the manager resigned, he capably filled that position.


Pottsville Crimson Tide   27

Tamaqua   17

Pottsville Crimson Tide   17

Coatesville   32

Pottsville Crimson Tide   24

Norristown   44

Pottsville Crimson Tide   22

Reading   57

Pottsville Crimson Tide   23

Allentown   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   19

Nesquehoning   27

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Coaldale   24

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Bethlehem   46

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Danville   16

Pottsville Crimson Tide   11

Easton   14

Pottsville Crimson Tide   28

Allentown   36

Pottsville Crimson Tide   17

Wanamie   32

Pottsville Crimson Tide   27

Pottstown   54

Pottsville Crimson Tide   34

Nesquehoning   17

Pottsville Crimson Tide   21

Danville   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   41

Bethlehem   43

Pottsville Crimson Tide   26

Pottstown   38

Pottsville Crimson Tide   58

Alumni   29

Pottsville Crimson Tide   25

Coatesville   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   33

Easton   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   11

Tamaqua   41

Pottsville Crimson Tide   26

Phoenixville   19


1926-1927 Season   6 Wins - 17 Losses