1924-1925 Season

20 Wins - 9 Losses









   Twas but last year, as the basketball season came to a close, that a certain student of school predicted that this year's basketball season would be the best in years. From that fact, we would advise "Big Gus" Luckenbill to be careful or he'll lose his job as a prophet, for true to the prediction, Pottsville High School's 1925 Anthracite Basketball Champs were the best turned out by Old High in many years, and our Alma Mater can well be proud of their accomplishments.

   In reviewing the successful work of the boys, let us turn back to the days when the season was in its youth. The call for candidates, which came shortly after the close of the football season, was eagerly responded to at the first practice held at Dimmerling's Hall. Among these candidates, we found five well-seasoned veterans, Hasler, Dimmerling, Falls, Robbins and Krimmel. These formed the framework of what we believed would be a winning squad. Then we had Wilson and Donohue, who had played on the varsity two years ago, but who had not been out for the game in 1923. With these and a number of other promising men and our new Coach, Mr. Rogowicz, whom we knew was one of the best in the land, we started our season with very highest honors as a goal.

   Although the schedule prepared was a fairly interesting one for the spectators- calling for playing of several schools which Pottsville High School had never met before, it was not quite so interesting to the players to see such tough opposition, but they were ready to meet and defeat all that came before them. So, after several hard practices, they were ready to master all opposition.

   After experiencing the inefficiency of the "Chair System" at home games in 1923, our manager brought the question of bleachers up before the Althilic Association and after several lenghty discussions on the pro and con of the matter, our spectators found when the entered the Armory on the evening of Saturday, December 13, to witness the first game, a fine new set of bleachers and so they could enjoy the game very mush better.

   The whistle blew! The first game was on! We were a little timid about such a date on which to begin the season, but our manager wasn't superstitious, why should anyone else worry? The Lehighton boys dashed up and down the floor like regular collegians for a while. The two teams' suits were of practically the same color, and so each was handicapped. Finally our "Big Sam" started rolling them in, and then our little "Greeny" popped two from the center, Monk made three, Falls two and Krimmel one. Further explanation or report on final score is unnecessary. Our boys completely buried our first league opponents in an avalanche of field goals. The victory changed the opinions of many of our fans who now believe, like our manager, that 13 is lucky instead of the opposite.

   On Wednesday of the following week, we repeated our victory, when we took the East Mauch Chunk team into camp by the overwhelming score of 41 to 20. This was our second league victory in as many games, and so we were leading the Schuylkill-Carbon League.

   Then on Saturgay of the same week, we made our first journey to play on an opponents floor. This time, the Mauch Chunk boys were our victims. The scoreboard at full time showing Pottsville 25, Mauch Chunk 15. This was another step in our League clean-up. As the Nesquahoning boys were scheduled next, we accordingly sent them home with a 18-17 defeat on the 7th of January. "Big Sam". our center, was missing from the game on account of illness, so the team was very much handicapped, in fact, to the extent that we were almost beaten, but we managed to come though, however, to maintain our first place in the league.

   We had been traveling at an error-less pace, having not yest tasted defeat, but our fans were somewhat timid about the game we would put up a good game, however, and so a large crowd accompanied the team. Our men played hard to gain a victory, but Sam, who had just returned to the game after being sick, was unable to hold Bonner, and so we tasted our first defeat.

   We were not disheartened, however, for in the following game, we made a strong comeback, defeating the Shamokin team by the score of 41-11. They held a dance after the game, and all had a pleasant time. To go on, however, enumerating and describing each game, would necessitate the use of this entire book, so, as we're limited to but a few pages, we can but briefly describe the most important of them.

   On January 17th, our boys visited Lehighton where they played one of the fastest games of the season. At half time of this game, the score stood 14-13 in our favor. When the second half started, however, the Lehighton men had a new vigor. They soon changed the score to their favor with a 3 point margin in the difference. Our boys then pulled up and led by one point for a fraction of a minute. At that point when there was but trwo minutes to go, the up-staters made a final spurt which threw them into the lead by a small margin of three points. All seemed lost! But the final whistle had not yet blown- one minute to play! Then on successive plays, Sam, Falls, Robbins and Hasler made field goals. Things now looked brighter. Lehighton made a final fight, and just netted a field goal as the whistle blew. We were again the victors. This game certainly repudiated the statement made here in town that the High School can't win away from home. "Can't we?"

   An eventful game was that played at Hazleton. We had everything happen to us at that time, with a single exception of winning the game. The journey was made in a big bus on a cold and icy night in January. May we state that the girls also accompanied us on the trip. (Of course, this helped to make us warmer.)

   We left Pottsville about 5:15 and set sail to play at 7:30. After stemming the tide for quite a distance, one of the peace-loving attendants, becoming reckless, accidentally kicked one of the windows out. Of course, this helped to make the bus, which was already warm, much warmer? Several miles on the other side of Mahanoy City, we approached another machine coming our direction and naturally, as there was but one icy track carved in the road, we just "tried to get out of the raod"." We succeeded, but we were ditched. It was then that Sir Chester, like in days of old, got his "Sir Walters" working and in a short time we had the "Queens" in the chariot back on the road. The "Knight" were highly complimented by their "Queens" for their work. Things now looked beautiful. But, oh, look what's ahead! Oh, nothinmg, but about a dozen machines stalled at the bottom of the hill at McAdoo. Well, after about an hour, we finally negotiated the hill and were on our way (for a Change). And what do you think? We landed safely at Hazleton as early as 9:45. There was plenty of time before the game, of course, so every one had a fine chance to "Cool Off", after the ride in such "Intense Heat?" We held them to 5 points, however, (I mean the boys -- ask the girls what they did at Hazleton. They did fine--Oh my, yes!!)

   Then came the feature game of the season against Harrisburg Tech. Did we step out that night? Well, I guess! Even enough to have Papa Weis give us a half day off (which by the way, is still coming). As there's hardly one in the town who failed to witness this contest, it is useless to state anything than this victory proved our team's worth. Playing one of the best teams in the East and beating them by a score of 39-35. That's all we'll say here. If you want a further account of it, go to Mr. Weiss, we knows all about it, and he's never going to forget it.

   Ours players wanted a trip and a good game, so, our manager scheduled the Lancaster "Tornadoes" of the Central Penn League. Our players staged a good game there, and if the game had been played clean, we would have returned with a victory, but under the conditions, we were forced to fall in defeat.

   All in all, we had a wonderful season. There were so many good games that it is difficult to pick the outstanding contest. We can't forget the Summit Hill and Lansford games, however, in passing through, for it was through these two victories that we secured the permanent right to the League Championship.

   To cap the climax of this most successful season, our team was entered in the University of Pennsylvania Tournament at Philadelphia, at which place we draw cards to play Washington, D.C. Central High School. As this was the first time that any Pottsville High School team has even been represented at such a tournament, our players were somewhat timid to go before an audience of college students and Philadelphians to play a team with such a rep as Washington Central. It was through this lack of confidence that we were finally defeated by the count of 37 to 22. "It was no disgrace, however," as was stated by a townsman, "for any team from a school of our size that could hold those Capitol City boys to a score of 37-22 should be complimented."

   This, the final game on the schedule, was a fitting close to the best season our school has had. In stating this, however, let us bring to mind some of the features which dominated the successful work and made it the "Best". The Pottsville High School of "25" was the first of any team of High school that ever defeated a team from Summit Hill High School.

   They were the first to ever to beat Schuylkill Haven on the latter's floor. They were the first team ever that was represented at the University of Philadelphia Tournament. First team that ever brought back the honors of first place in the recognized Basketball League to become Coal Region "Champs."

   First team to keep a clear slate through-tout the season the all regional games played on home floor. The first team of Pottsville High School to maintain a record for an entire season of having won 20 victories out of 29 games started. Consider, however, the following tabulated report on all games. Compare it with records of seasons passed, noting the calibre of teams played, and the results of each game. You will then believe with us that its merits far supersede those of any other team and that it can be rightly be titled "Pottsville Best."

   As noted, our squad was defeated but twice in its entire League schedule. This is a record that rightly entitles us to the Championship of the Schuylkill-Carbon League, but because of an equal record of the Lansford team and possibly equal record of the Summit Hill team, which tie was never played off, no team received the honors. An unsettled controversy over a game played between Schuylkill Haven and Summit Hill caused a delay which finally resulted in the closing of the season with no one as a real victor.

   When weakness of this league was thus shown, that they were unable to settle their own arguments, it was thought advisable to withdraw as a member and try to enter another league. So it was that our manager finally succeeded in entering our team into a new League, recently formed, which is composed of such teams as: Allentown, Bethlehem, Coatesville, etc. It is called the Eastern Pennsylvania Interscholastic League, and is one that in time will be equal to or superior to any league in the state.

   To conclude this account without stating something of those who brought to the school such high honors would seem ungrateful, so, as the work is now completed, we can justly refer to those whose untiring efforts meant so much in the success of the team.

   Mr. Rogowicz, a newcomer to our faculty ranks, was welcomed as our new coach. He worked incessantly for the team and gave himself unreservedly to the task of developing the most successful basketball team we have had in years. To him belongs the highest honors for its success. The school and team greatly appreciate his earnest efforts and hope to see his work next year bring forth the wonderful success of this season.

   To Mr. Long, our Faculty Manager, who has worked silently but incessantly for the team's success, we desire to express our most sincere appreciation. Mr. Weiss, our principal, who so kindly furnished his most wonderful support, as well as a big banquet to our teams, is most deserving of our sincere thanks, which we do not hesitate to express.

   There are also several reporters from our local newspapers, to whom we extend our heart-felt appreciation for their kind help in bringing about our team's fine achievements. And then to the men on the team, whose faithfulness and obedience was remarkably shown, we express our great praise.


Pottsville Crimson Tide   38

Lehighton   18

Pottsville Crimson Tide   41

East Mauch Chunk   20

Pottsville Crimson Tide   25

Mauch Chunk   15

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Nesquehoning   17

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Summit Hill   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   41

Shamokin   11

Pottsville Crimson Tide   14

Lansford   31

Pottsville Crimson Tide   32

Keystone Institute   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   31

Lehighton   26

Pottsville Crimson Tide   31

Mauch Chunk   16

Pottsville Crimson Tide   33

Hazleton   38

Pottsville Crimson Tide   39

Harrisburg Tech   35

Pottsville Crimson Tide   46

Coaldale   14

Pottsville Crimson Tide   21

Lancaster   38

Pottsville Crimson Tide   20

East Mauch Chunk   17

Pottsville Crimson Tide   42

Coaldale   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   26

Lansford   19

Pottsville Crimson Tide   21

Reading   48

Pottsville Crimson Tide   39

Summit Hill   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   24

Lancaster   34

Pottsville Crimson Tide   8

Port Carbon   10

Pottsville Crimson Tide   24

Schuylkill Haven   21

Pottsville Crimson Tide   42

Reading   35

Pottsville Crimson Tide   40

Schuylkill Haven   37

Pottsville Crimson Tide   40

Port Carbon   11

Pottsville Crimson Tide   48

Hazleton   21

Pottsville Crimson Tide   32

Nesquehoning   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Shamokin   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   22

Washington, DC-Central   37



Field Goals

Foul Goals

Total Points














































Kenneth (Cowboy) Falls

   Kenneth Falls, Captain of the squad, was one of the best players Pottsville has known. In the role of captain, he was very efficient. In leading the scoring of the teams points, he summed up the grand total of 229, which he can well be proud of. Although "Ken" will not return to Old High next year, it is our hope that if he continues his schooling, we may some day see him in action as the captain of one of our big college teams. We wish you success, Ken!

Charles (Hoot) Hasler

   Charles Hasler is another of our departing friends. To Charley belongs much of the credit for the team's splendid accomplishments. His work as forward on the squad was highly satisfactory and we are sorry to see Charley leave. We believe he will enter one of the large colleges. May your sojourn in college be successful as your athletic work in the past season, Charley! Our best wishes are with you!

George ("Sam") Dimmerling

   George Dimmerling, as is well known, was our center. "Sam's" great height is a great asset to him, and through it, he was able to outjump every opponent he met. "Sam" has a great eye for the basket, and he came in second place in the individual scoring. "Sam" has been elected Captain for next year's team. May he lead his team to the great success which he so ably helped in bringing about this season.

James ("Monk") Robbins

   James Robbins was our star guard. When down at Penn., he earned the distinction of being picked as an all-scholastic guard of the tournament. He also was picked on the Schuylkill County all-scholastic team. "Monk" will probably return next year to help bring about as successful a season as we had this year.

Kimber ("Barney") Wilson

   Kimber Wilson was the other of our remarkable pair of guards. "Barney" was one of the best guards Pottsville has ever known. Although he was not a heavy scorer, his quick and efficient guarding earned for him quite a "rep". Kim will probably return next year to help form again that wonderful defense for which the team was noted.

Earl ("Greeny") Greenhalgh

   Earl Greenhalgh aided greatly in bringing about many of the victories. His long shots certainly helped to shoot up the score. He will return for next year's squad, and will probably be seen filling one of the forward positions at that time.

Miles ("Frisky") Krimmel

   Miles Krimmel, though short of stature, was of great value to the team. He played particularly well in the Port Carbon game. He was determined to register a victory for our squad, but he was unable to do all. His work at guard was remarkable, and well appreciated. Miles, we are sorry to say, will not return next year. We're sure if he continues his play, he will become a guard equal to Barlow, or the like. 

1924-1925 Season   20 Wins - 9 Losses