1923-1924 Season

13 Wins - 10 Losses






   When the call for basketball came in December, it was so eagerly responded to, that in a sense it seemed to be the only sport in which the fellows could participate. About 30 candidates reported, and among them was almost a full team of veterans from the preceding year, and also many other experienced men, who were looked upon as valuable assets to the team, and who later proved to be so. The turnout was very gratifying to Coach Jacoby, and everything looked very promising for a championship team.

   The next move was to find a hall in which the men could practice. This, as is well known, is a yearly occurrence and a proposition that usually gives those in charge much difficulty. "Our Sam's" father greatly obliged us, however, by offering his hall for practice until the Armory was available. This we used for the first several practices, during which the fundamentals of the game were gone over, signals practiced,scrimmages held, etc. We appreciate very much the great help rendered in this incident, and assure Mr. Dimmerling that his service to the team was of great value.

   After several hard practices, the team rounded into fine form, and the season was about to be opened. So on December 14, we started our schedule by visiting the Summit Hill High School. The team that represented Old High worked very hard to gain a victory, but with the absence of their captain, Dimmerling, who had to remain out of the first few games because of the injury sustained to his ankle in football, and the great work of Bonner of the opposing team, they were obliged to return home with a eight point defeat.

   This however, did not dishearten the men as was shown in the next game, when we won a great victory over the Lehighton crew. In the first couple of minutes of this game, our Varsity ran up a score of about 36 to the opponents 5, after which, the first string men were removed for the extra men to get into the game. These players also worked mightily hard, and they finished the game with a six point lead. "Cowboy" Falls had nine field goals in the game.

   In the next game, which was played at Nesquehoning, Pottsville was represented by a badly crippled club; four members of the regular team being absent from the line-up. The crew that played, however, made a good showing and although greatly outclassed, were almost able to bring back a victory, the final score being 29-19. During the game "Greeny" came through with two of his famous long shots, and helped to boost the score somewhat,"Charley" Alter, who started the game at guard, had his finger broken and although he finished the game, he had to absent himself from practices for a short period afterward.

   In the following week, we journey out to Tower City, where a quickly arranged game was played, in which we were the victors by a 35 to 31 score. This game was marked by the return to the ranks of the team's captain, Dimmerling, who had been out of the game for reasons already stated. Although this was the first game in which he played this season, he worked very well with his teammates, and his return promptly settled the question of "Who's gin to play Center?" which had been heard so frequently up to this time.

   Thus the season went on in a more or less successful manner; we were winning many and, "of course," losing "several". Many hardships confronted us during the season, but most of these were successfully overcome, and the season carried through. So as we look back over thr records, we find tabulated in sports history of our Alma Mater, for the basketball season of 1923-24 the following record of 13 wins and 10 losses.

    In all, 23 games were played, 13 of which were victories, and the other 10 defeats. But in thus passing over, we are touching only lightly on some very important games, which will stand as "records" for some time to come. Among those of the most importance are the following;

    The Mahanoy City victory in Pottsville, score 33-27, was the first victory Pottsville won over this team in almost four years. The Shenandoah team came here in the following week and received their only defeat of the season from a regional team, score 34-23. The only other team beating them this season, being Norristown, in a tournament at that place.

    On February 30, we ran up a score of 77 to 17, on Mauch Chunk, and thus boosted our average in the league standings. At Lehighton, on January 18, we played a "nip and tuck" game with the team of that place. The score at full time was 34-34, but most of our regulars had been removed by the personal foul route, and our reserves who had replaced  the regulars were unable to hold their opponents during the extra period, so we were forced to return again with defeat. Several spectators remarked that it was the best game ever played at that place. Score at the close of the extra period was 40-34.

   March 12, marked the only defeat of our season on our home floor, it being registered on us by the Summit Hill league leaders by a score of 45 to 31. We were quite successful in the Schuylkill-Carbon League this season, finishing the season in third place. Had it not been for the several unfortunate defeats in the early part of the season, we might have finished in first-place, but we were, however, well pleased with the showing made by our boys in the last several league games, and are well satisfied with their work.

   As the records show, Pottsville had a very strong offensive club this year, and in comparing them with their opponents, they scored 802 to their opponents 726 points. Falls, who has been elected captain for next season's team, led the scoring with 314 of the team's total points.  Practically every man on the team will return next year, therefore with the extensive experience which the men now have, combined with the teachings they will receive up to the time of playing next year, we shall expect far better results than those of this year, and possibly we can look for the championship of the region.

   Much credit is due Coach Jacoby for his untiring efforts with the boys and although the players reget that they did not win all the games, they want him to know that they did their best for him and their Alma Mater, and they further state that they will again do their utmost to boost the standards of Old Pottsville High School.

"Cowboy Falls"

   "Cowboy Falls", our snappy forward, not only led his team in points scored during the season, but came within a small margin of also leading the league scoring. Bonner of Summit Hill lead the group, and our "Ken" was a close second. "Do your stuff, Cowboy" and don't let that fellow reproduce his victory next year. Falls was elected captain for the coming season, and we're sure that he's going to lead his men to a standing much above that in which we now rank.

"War-Horse" Hasler

    Hasler played his usual hard game at forward. "Cowboy" and he work those forward position like brothers, and it was through thier hard wotk that many of our victories were turned in. Although "Charley" was absent from several games, his playing while at his old post was so great that he worked himself up into third place in the standing. "Charley" will be back at his old post next year again, and we're sure that those two fellows who were ahead of him this year are going to work, if they are to hold their respective positions next year. "Do you best, Charley."

"Sam" Dimmerling"

"Sam" Dimmerling was our staunch center and captain. Although he was absent from a number of games due to his injury, his playing was of such a caliber that his score ranked second in the number of points scored by the individuals of the team. George will be with us next year again, battering for the high perch which he might have attained had it not been for his ill-luck. Try again Sam. No goal was ever reached without being repeatedly tried for.

"Monk" Robbins

   Robbins, like Hasler and Dimmerling, was absent from a few games during the season. This enabled his teammates to "step out" ahead of him, and although while playing guard, a great average is not expected, "James" pulled Thur with a fair percentage. We're sure that the experience he received this year will help him greatly in the coming season, since this was his first year on the Varsity line-up.

"Grump" Zeigler

   "Grump" was one of the two extremes that landed over here in search of a position on our team this year. Having played on the Port Carbon team for two years, he was well experienced, and naturally landed a job at guard. This he held down remarkably, getting in practically every game of the season, except several when his knee was injured, and he was forced to remain out on this account. "Grump" may be with us next year, and if he is, this will mean another link in the chain of strength which we are predicting for the team of next year.

"Frisky" Krimmel

   Krimmel and "Grump" Ziegler were the two members of our team that not only represented the famous town of "Port", but were also distinguished as represented the two extremes on our team, for just as Ziegler was "high and broad", Krimmel was "short and narrow." "Puddles" had also played in Port Carbon with Ziegler, so he had plenty of experience. Although retarded by size, "Frisky" played a great game at guard, and as he is only a Junior, we can expect to see him perform again under the colors of the "Crimson and White."

"OT" Miller

   Miller, "The Sheik of Saint Clair" played a guard position on our team this year, getting in almost all the games. Otto took much pride in his hair and was always very particular in seeing that it was always in place before going on the floor. He's the only one that will not return next year's team.

   'Greeny," Martz, and Kline made good whenever they played. They'll all return for next year's team. Th following is the record as made by individuals for the 1923-24 season:

Player                        Field Goals   Foul     Total Points

Falls-Forward               117               80              314

Dimmerling-Center       69                21              159

Hasler-Forward              42               15                99

Zeigler-Guard                  25               12                62

Krimmel-Forward           17                28               62

Robbins-Guard               25                  7               57

Miller-Guard                      14                10              38

Substitutes                         4                   3              11


Totals                        313        176           802

Opponents                272        172           716


Pottsville Crimson Tide   25

Summit Hill   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   42

Lehighton   36

Pottsville Crimson Tide   19

Nesquehoning 29

Pottsville Crimson Tide   35

Tower City   31

Pottsville Crimson Tide   44

Coaldale   16

Pottsville Crimson Tide   36

Port Carbon   16

Pottsville Crimson Tide   34

Lehighton   40

Pottsville Crimson Tide   33

Mahanoy City   27

Pottsville Crimson Tide   18

Coaldale   21

Pottsville Crimson Tide   34

Shenandoah   23

Pottsville Crimson Tide   21

Mauch Chunk   20

Pottsville Crimson Tide   40

Schuylkill Haven   23

Pottsville Crimson Tide   30

Tamaqua   21

Pottsville Crimson Tide   77

Mauch Chunk   17

Pottsville Crimson Tide   29

Shenandoah   65

Pottsville Crimson Tide   31

Mahanoy City   47

Pottsville Crimson Tide   39

Nesquehoning   31

Pottsville Crimson Tide   19

Port Carbon   25

Pottsville Crimson Tide   31

Summit Hill   45

Pottsville Crimson Tide   29

Schuylkill Haven   42

Pottsville Crimson Tide   33

Shamokin   54

Pottsville Crimson Tide   53

Alumni   17

Pottsville Crimson Tide   49

Shamokin   37


1923-1924 Season   13 Wins - 10 Losses