1925-1926 Season

16 Wins - 5 Losses

   At the close of the basketball season of 1924-25 a meeting was held in Reading for the purpose of forming a league which was to be comprised of the six best High Schools in Eastern Pennsylvania, and of course, our school was one of the schools selected to participate. The other schools that entered were Pottstown, Easton, Coatesville, Allentown and Bethlehem.

   On December 1, 1925, a call for candidates was issued and a squad of forty-three boys reported for practice at the Armory. Captain Dimmerling was the only one of last year's team back, but there was Earl Greenhalgh, a regular sub of last year's team and then there were the "Big Butter and Egg Men" from Saint Clair, Buck Ferrebee and Soup Campbell, and the "Cream of Port Carbon," Huey Cantwell and Herb Rummell.

   From this squad, Mr. Grimmett, our coach, selected a team that would be able to equal or defeat any High School team in the state of Pennsylvania. The team:Captain Dimmerling, Greenhalgh, Cantwell, Rummell and Campbell; started off the season with a determination to show last year's team they were as good or even better than they were, and to bring the laurels of the league back to Pottsville High.

   On December the tenth, our team played their first game of the season with Muhlenburg Freshmen. After a hard battle of heavy odds we defeated them by a score of 26-20. In this game, Captain Dimmerling started his season with five baskets to his credit and determination to live up to his title as the best Interscholastic basketball center in this part of the United States.

   On Friday, December the 18th, we left on the 4:35 for Easton to play our first league game. We arrived in Easton about half an hour before the game started and just had enough time to jump into our suits and rush the floor, but only to be greeted by a shower of pennies to buy new sweat shirts for the team. (For ours were the old white kind covered with your signatures and names of your favorites). But in spite of all this we defeated them to the tune of 33-27. In this game "Huey" Cantwell and "Herb" Rummell proved they deserved the name of "The Cream of Port Carbon."

   After the Christmas vacation, we played our second league game at the Armory with Bethlehem on January the eigth. This was one of the best games of the season and one of the very best that was ever seen in the Armory Hall of Pottsville. At the end of the game the scales balanced in our favor 35-33.

   The following week, on January 15th, we traveled  to Allentown for our third league game of the season and defeated them by a score of 34-24. This victory gave us first place in the league and we had high hopes of staying there. In this game, "Sam" our captain, dropped in five baskets and caged six out of six fouls.

   The next day, January 16th, we played Wanamie High School, which was coached by our last year's coach, Mr. Chester Rogowicz. This game was the one outstanding game of the season and Roggy gave us a run for our money, but the game ended 46-45 in our favor.

   On January 22, we met our old rival, Schuylkill Haven and routed them to a score of 28-22. At half time they were ahead of us 14 to 4 but in the second half our team stepped out and handed them their first defeat of the season. The next day, January 23rd, we traveled to Danville and we had the tables turned on us for the first time, because when the whistle blew the score stood in their favor 35-21. Danville was the hometown of Mr. Gaskins and he treated us at his home in a way that was very much appreciated by the boys, who will always remember Mr. Gaskins for the same.

   On January 28th, we played Pottstown, our fourth league opponent and surprised them by presenting them with a final score of 44-43. Huey Cantwell in the game showed what knid of players they raised in Port Carbon, by making fifteen of the forty-four points for us.

   Our first defeat in the league was handed to us at Bethlehem on February the fifth, by the score of 29 to 14. We were defeated, but we went down knee deep in blood as "Soup" Campbell got  a broken nose in this game, which kept him out for the next three games, and our dashing forward received a very serious cut above the eye.

   The next day, February the sixth, we satisfied ourselves by defeating Danville by the score of 48-30. In this game Sam Dimmerling and Peach Basket Greenhalgh had seven baskets apiece. We then went up another peg in the league standing by another victory over Allentown. This time the score read 41-19 at the dropping of the flag.

   On February the nineteenth, we played Easton and surprised them by our team coming on the floor with new sweatshirts on which their school so willingly started our funds by their pennies thrown to us before the game when we played on their floor. But that was not the only surprise, we gave them, we handed them a neat defeat of 46-27 tied in Crimson and White ribbons.

   Our next victim was Coatesville High. This was a school we never heard of before, but that did not make any difference to our team, because the score ended 34-23 in our favor. The most decisive game of the season was played at Pottstown on March third. If we lost, we had one more chance to win the league championship, but if we won the league title was ours. We took over a hundred rooters to Pottstown by train and machine, but we were defeated by a score of 43-34.

   The next day, we went to Philadelphia to play our first game in the University of Pennsylvania tournament and we defeated Abington High by a score of 35-20. We came home the same afternoon, and that night won our second victory in two days from Tamaqua by a score of 52-19.

   On Friday, March the twelfth, we traveled to Coatesville for our last league game. If we won this game the title was ours, but if we lost, we would be tied with Pottstown for first place. We started the game with a bang, but they had home floor advantage and we could not get used to the swimming pool, we had to play in and we lost by the score of 27-20.

   March 18, 1926, was the climax of our basketball season when we left for Reading with 200 rooters to play off the tie with Pottstown. Our lineup for the game was: Dimmerling, Cantwell, Campbell, Greenhalgh and Reed. Reed played his first game for Pottsville in place of Rummell, who was ill, but got in the game later. Although Reed only made a few points in this game, he saved many a point that would have been scored by Pottstown. When the final score was fired the winning of the day came to Pottsville High by the score of 35-22.

   We then went to Schuylkill Haven and added another victory to our list by a score of 26 to 21. We closed our season by defeating the Schuylkill County Champs, Tremont by the score of 56-20. This was the last game for our Captain Sam Dimmerling, and he dropped in twelve baskets as a farewell present to Pottsville High School. This was also the last game for Rummell, Cantwell, Campbell, Ferrebee and Rees, who will all gradute at the close of this term.

Features of 1925-26

   The first team to bring to Pottsville High the title of Champions of the Eastern Pennsylvania Interscholastic Basketball League.

The first team to represent Pottsville High in cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, Coatesville, Easton and Danville.

The first team of Pottsville High School to have it's center, George Dimmerling chosen as the best center in this part of the United States.




Pottsville Crimson Tide   26

Muhlenberg   20

Pottsville Crimson Tide   33

Easton   27

Pottsville Crimson Tide   35

Bethlehem   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   34

Allentown   24

Pottsville Crimson Tide   46

Wanamie   45

Pottsville Crimson Tide   28

Schuylkill Haven   22

Pottsville Crimson Tide   21

Danville   35

Pottsville Crimson Tide   44

Pottstown   33

Pottsville Crimson Tide   14

Bethlehem   29

Pottsville Crimson Tide   48

Danville   30

Pottsville Crimson Tide   41

Allentown   19

Pottsville Crimson Tide   46

Easton   27

Pottsville Crimson Tide   34

Coatesville   23

Pottsville Crimson Tide   34

Pottstown   43

Pottsville Crimson Tide   35

Abington   20

Pottsville Crimson Tide   52

Tamaqua   19

Pottsville Crimson Tide   25

Allentown   26

Pottsville Crimson Tide   20

Coatesville   27

Pottsville Crimson Tide   35

Pottstown   22

Pottsville Crimson Tide   26

Schuylkill Haven   21

Pottsville Crimson Tide   56

Tremont   20



Field Goals

Foul Goals

Total Points

Dimmerling - Captain














































   George (Sam) Dimmerling, Captain- Sam played his last year for Pottsville High, which was the best season of the four years he played. Sam led his men to many a victory and was the highest scorer on the team. In twenty-one games he scored two hundred and seventy-five points. This is a record that he can be proud of and one that will always stand out in the history of basketball at Pottsville High School.

   Earl (Peach Basket) Greenhalgh- Earl proved to the school this year that he deserved a permanent position on the team and if it hadn't been for many of his wonderful long shots, we would have lost more games then we had. Earl has been elected captain for next year's team and we hope that he will lead his team to victory again for old high.

   Huey (Mercury) Cantwell - Huey, a lad from Port Carbon, played the other forward position and with his wonderful dribbling and left hand shots made one hundred and sixty points for Pottsville High in the past year. Huey pulled many a game out of the fire by his dribbling, because when he started to dribble down the floor it took a man with more experience in basketball than a high school boy has to take the ball from him.

   Francis (Soup) Campbell - Francis hailed from the nearby city of Saint Clair, but don't judge a boy by his town. "Soup" was one of the best guards that Pottsville High School ever had, and was the cause of a defeat to many a team this past year.

   Herbert (Herb) Rummell - The other guard for old high was "Herb" of Port Carbon. His wonderful guarding and the knack of taking the ball from opponents bigger than he, made many points and assists in running up victories for our school. Herb, no doubt, some day will be a coach to a winning team somewhere in the state.

   John (Buck) Ferrebee - Buck with his great strength when sent in for substitute helped Pottsville to victory by his wonderful guarding.

   Francis (Ressy) Rees - Francis was one of the greatest subs of the varsity. When sent in to take a player's place, he made every minute count and kept many opponents from scoring.

   Harold (Kid) Kinzey - Harold, small, but fast, was a regular sub on this year's team and he made a record of foul shooting of 100 percent (6 for 6) for the season. He is one of next year's team greatest assets.

   Harry (Dicker) Reed - Harry was only able to play the last three games this season for Pottsville High School, but he showed us that he was a valuable aid to the team and no doubt he would have been a regular, if he had been able to play at the beginning of the season.

   Clement ("Clem") Donohue - "Clem" DSonohue was our other letter man this year. Clem played a very fast game whenever he got in. He plays in every position on the team, and so he is of great value. He will return next year to strengthen the ranks of that team.

   Pacenta, Reed, Martz and Guensch were others on the squad who helped considerably, although they did not get into all the games. We assure all those fellows that their work was well appreciated, and we wish them success in futre endeavors. Joesph McGarry was the manager of the team.

   To future teams, the Basketball Team of 1925 extends its sincerest wishes for success. May Pottsville High School always support a winning team.

1925-1926 Season   16 Wins - 5 Losses