1967-1968 Season

12 Wins  -  10 Losses




   The Pottsville Crimson Tide, under the guidance Of Coach Ken Kline, beat a path right to the door of another successful season.

   After a slow start in their non-league games, in which they compiled a 2-2 won-lost record, they advanced to first half competition in the East Penn League, where they met extremely strong opponents. The result was an unimpressive 4-5 record, but no one had heard the last of the Tide. There was still the second half to played.

   It can be rightfully said that no one generated more excitement on the court than the Tide did during the second half. It seemed to all observers that Coach Kline got all that was possible from his courtmen. What players lacked in size, they made up in hustle and desire.

   Pottsville won the first two games of the second half against Tamaqua and Phillipsburg, but lost to Bethlehem on the latter court. It has been said it is a great team that can bounce back from defeat, and Pottsville proved to be a great one. The boys from Pottsville smashed their next three opponents - William Allen, Allentown Central Catholic, and Hazleton. This brought Pottsville into a second-place tie with Dieruff and with a victory over Easton, the Tide was in the running for second half laurels. Misfortune finally caught up with the Tide, and they lost the all important game to Easton 55-51. They went on to split the next two games with the Hawks of Bethlehem Catholic and the Huskies of Dieruff. Even though the squad did not win the second-half championship, they still must be commended for an impressive 6-3 record.

   The leading scorer for the Tide was Captain Bill Devlin with 313 points. Runner-up laurels go to sophomre Jim Berrang. Not to be overlooked wwas the outstanding performance of Coach Jack Keating's Junior Varsity squad. While compiling an awesome 20-2 won-lost record, a new school record for the school, they also copped the East Penn League JV basketball championship. With talent such as this making up the squad next year, The Tide will surely pull out another winning season in 1968-1969.


Pottsville Crimson Tide   62

Shamokin   61

Pottsville Crimson Tide   44

Danville   53

Pottsville Crimson Tide   66

Pine Grove   49

Pottsville Crimson Tide   69

Tamaqua   49

Pottsville Crimson Tide   56

Bethlehem   73

Pottsville Crimson Tide   40

Phillipsburg   64

Pottsville Crimson Tide   60

Mahanoy Area   66

Pottsville Crimson Tide   64

William Allen   68

Pottsville Crimson Tide    60

Allentown Central Catholic   57

Pottsville Crimson Tide   65

Hazleton   67

Pottsville Crimson Tide   66

Easton   58

Pottsville Crimson Tide   72

Bethlehem Catholic   36

Pottsville Crimson Tide   54

Dieruff   68

Pottsville Crimson Tide   86

Tamaqua   67

Pottsville Crimson Tide   75

Phillipsburg   69

Pottsville Crimson Tide   44

Bethlehem   65

Pottsville Crimson Tide   74

William Allen   58

Pottsville Crimson Tide   78

Allentown Central Catholic   65

Pottsville Crimson Tide   60

Hazleton   47

Pottsville Crimson Tide   51

Easton   55

Pottsville Crimson Tide   53

Bethlehem Catholic   48

Pottsville Crimson Tide   57

Dieruff   66




1967-1968 Season   12 Wins - 10 Losses